embracing movement to capture memories

because a picture is worth a thousand words and actions speak the loudest.

In-home session where couples cuddle on a couch in their rustic midtown Memphis home.

As human beings, we all move. In every breath, your lungs expand. In every touch, your skin connects.

Our bodies communicate.

A smile and a wave says “hello!”, a hug shows comfort and vulnerability, laughter brings happiness. Body language is more honest than words are, and it can amplify all those inner emotions.

So, let’s showcase that!

Whether you're cuddly, silly, romantic, or awkwardly cute, I'm here to embrace what makes you... you! I’m a lifestyle and wedding photographer who aims to create truly candid images. So, connect to yourself, the world around you, and the moment you are living in, and I will be there to capture it all!


Want to work with me?

New Mom and Aunt comfort newborn in Overton Park

I know, I just said a lot of thoughtful things about the importance of movement, but to quote the great Pina Bausch, “I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them.”

You deserve images that capture who you are, where you like to hang out, and how you like to feel. In an ideal session, you will ease into poses that you can let loose and be yourself in, while I act as a fly on the wall to capture you spending time just being you! Get silly, dance around, and share some intimate moments, and I will be there to create beautiful photos of you and this moment in your life!

hey look, I’m over here!


a few tips to get the best photos ever:

  • Pick a fun and exciting location for your session! I have plenty of ideas if you need some guidance.

  • Coordinate your clothing - don’t worry, I’ll provide a guide!

  • Be ready to goof off, get sentimental, and move all over the place!

  • Laugh at my puns and bad jokes… it will at least come out great in your photos!

  • Come prepped with your favorite song or music genre, and I’ll get those tunes blasting!



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