Embrace Your Inner Creative with NEW Artist Sessions | cmckk photo Memphis Lifestyle Photographer
Rosey downtown memphis art gallery dance

For those who don’t know me, I grew up in the local Memphis dance community. I took every style of dance I could, learning ballet, tap, jazz, (some) hip-hop, modern, and so on. Dance was something I felt finally allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn’t with words. I developed a love for choreography and teaching, so I could share my passion for creating with others, and hopefully inspire my students to find the creative side to themselves as well.

While in undergrad for dance, I took several photography classes, and developed most of my skills photographing live dance, portraits for dancers, and headshots for all kinds of talented people in the Department of Theatre and Dance.

I was also very involved in the DIY music scene, and attended countless number of house-shows, release parties, and small concerts where these new bands literally got paid NOTHING to perform.

It was always so exciting for me to give people these images of them in their element that they looooved! I swear nothing made me happier than when someone used my (probably very bad at the time) photo as their profile picture.

I’ve been struggling in how to get more of this back in my photo work, cause I miss some of those creatively driven shoots, and the enthusiasm and appreciation that artists have for their work! So, the other day (in the shower of course) I had a GENIUS idea.


I’m seriously slapping myself in the head for why I never thought of this before.

Why can’t I offer an hour-long session, for an affordable price, that includes professional head shots, some portraits of artist in their element, and some creative shots that showcase the artist’s personality?

In today’s creative world, it’s all about creating your “brand”, showing your personality, posting on social media, throwing content out into the world, and trust me when I say paying for good quality images is something that new artists (like myself) can’t afford.

So, I’ve decided to start offering these lower-priced sessions, along with special discounted packages on lifestyle or wedding photos for artists who create as their primary profession.

I want to give back to this art community that has built me up. I never would have become the photographer I am today without all these opportunities I was given by other creatives to bring my camera and capture some shots.

So if you’re an artist and need some material for self-promotion, some professional head shots for auditions and job applications, and want some images of you enjoying your passion, I’m here for you!

Goto: cmckkphoto.com/capture-your-art to learn more about booking an artist session, and follow my side ‘gram: instagram.com/cmckkphotoart to keep up with all these amazing, talented creatives that I get to photograph!

Liz & Jimi are straight out of an indie movie! | cmckk photo Memphis wedding photographer

When trying to decide where to take pictures in our beautifully unique city of Memphis, Liz and Jimi had a thousand ideas and I wish we could have done them all!  

 - we open on a coffee shop - 

We decided to start at Jimi’s awesome coffee shop near Broad Ave, Launch Process, cause it’s where these two spend a lot of their time. (Trust me, if you haven’t been here you need to visit- it has awesome coffee, tea, atmosphere, and even a little shop with Illuminati Bath & Bart!) If you want some music accompaniment for this scene, try playing “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg while you browse these! 

- cut to: Earnestine’s & Hazels - 

After getting some caffeine, we went into Earnestine and Hazels (an awesome downtown bar with the best burgers and the chance to maybe catch a ghost!) These two had some adorable comfortable moments lounging around the creaky rooms, dancing in small corridors, and doing their best Elvis impersonations. 

- the final scene: Arcade Restaurant -  

Jimi had mentioned Beale Street, and his love for neon, and we realized why would we need to travel when the historic Arcade Restaurant was right across the corner from Earnstine & Hazels? These give me so many Blue Valentine vibes, but with an edgier look and a happier ending!   

These two are coming soon to a theater near you! (Or maybe they’re one of those incredible, but hidden Netflix movies?) 

Cody & Rachael explore Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, TN | cmckk photo Memphis Wedding Photographer

I got to spend the last Saturday of 2018 with these two cuties exploring Crosstown Concourse!

- about Crosstown -

I’ll admit, I’m a bad Memphian cause I’ve only visited this reconstructed Sears factory during its early renovations when absolutely NOTHING was in there yet, and let me tell you that is going to change now!

This place is so cool- full of local places to eat, shops, art galleries, bars, reading nooks, theaters, a school, a health center, and more! Every floor was a new adventure and I had these guys as my guide!

- some memories -

  • Within about 5 minutes (or less), Cody already pulled out his best “blue steel” from Zoolander.

  • Rachael refers to Cody as a Praying Mantis, because his limbs are sooooooo long. Cody referred to himself as Skeletor, whom we later found out was JACKED….

  • Cody and Rachael both realllllly wanted to read the “P is for Potty” book we found…

  • We climbed about 5 flights of stairs just to reach a spot where we could get the disco ball in the background.

  • There are pinball machines next to the restrooms on the 2nd floor.

  • There are more restrooms with cool, glowing, red entrances near the art museum.

  • The people with dog head’s mural is pretty sick, and features a peep hole through the video camera, dogs performing jazzercise, jumping in a pool, and walking a dog with a human head.

  • The nail salon smells awesome, the shops are all adorable, and there are some cool wall planters at the end of the hallway.

Real Moments of 2018 | cmckk photo: Memphis Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Hey there, folks! And happy end-of-2018!

Most photographers I know publish a post of their “Best of the Year” photographs, and while I was approaching that idea, I decided to do something a little different. Obviously some of my “Best of” I’ve already posted, shared, put all over my site, and so you’ve already seen it all… So I decided to a post of the real moments of this past year.

I aim to capture honest, candid moments in my photography, and so here are some of my favorite real, true, & emotional images that I managed to create through my camera this past year!

Bride raising a glass at her Wedding Reception at the Dixon in Memphis, TN.

this bride at her reception:

Cheers to getting married! Seriously though, if you don’t feel like this during your wedding reception, you’re doing it wrong. She is so overjoyed at celebrating her love with all her family and friends, and enjoying her day to it’s fullest!

(shot for Dani Brewer Photography) 

newborn noises in-home session in Memphis, TN

OMG this happy baby though:

Sweet little baby Kura was only 8 days old in this picture, and it was the first glimpse of her eyes that I got! Just look at all those widdle wiggly fingers and toes!

Couple cuddles on their couch in their Midtown Memphis home.

so. many. comfy. couch. cuddles:

This couple in their Midtown Memphis home got their snuggle on! I love to just let lovebirds get real close, and just breathe together.

Family plays a game of swing the kids in overton park Memphis, TN.

kids love to swing!

But have you ever seen parents on this level where they swing TWO KIDS AT ONE TIME -while- STILL HOLDING ANOTHER ONE! They freaking nailed it!

Bride eases Groom’s nerves in their first look in Olive Branch, MS.

a first look to ease those pre-wedding nerves:

This couple had just gotten to see each other for the first time on their wedding day and let me tell you, he was just a litttttlllee nervous. But this beautiful bride knew exactly what to do and say to comfort him for the rest of the day. How precious!

Mother “shh” to newborn baby in Midtown Memphis, TN.

can you hear the “shhhhhhh”?

So this photo may be a little out of focus on the baby, but I swear that in that little bit of out-of-focusness I can hear this sweet new mama’s “shh” while comforting the sweet little girl, and it honestly makes me love this image even more.

Bride spends a moment singing to dog in Bartlett, TN.

just a bride and her dog.

Who doesn’t love a bride who takes a moment out of her special day to show the sweetest pup all her love and appreciation? She seriously is a real freaking princess.

Groomsman is getting pumped up for the wedding in Memphis TN

this groomsman ready to hit the dance floor:

Let me tell you this was 10 minutes after walking into the groomsmen getting ready at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and this guy was already NAILING his moves for later that night.

(shot for Dani Brewer Photography) 

emotional mother of the groom embracing son at wedding in Germantown, TN

emotional parent dances will always get to me:

But forreal, the dances with the parents is the time where my eyes get the most watery, ESPECIALLY when you can see all their pride and love seeping out, like in this shot.

Kids being kids in overton park Memphis, TN.

real cousin craziness:

This is one of those pictures that will be shown to these kids every year for the rest of their lives. “Oh! Look at this one! Remember when you were trying to cool your baby cousin off with a leaf, while your sister was trying to crawl all over the place and all we wanted was just one cute, smiling picture of you guys!”

Bride’s brother wipes tear during sunset backyard ceremony in Lakeland, TN.

this brother of the bride:

You guys! When I saw I got this shot I about screamed. This bride is just so gorgeous and at ease knowing she is finally marrying her love, and then look at her brother wiping his tear! I. just. can’t.

I’m so glad I got to spend these moments with all these amazing people, and be there to capture memories like these that they can look at and reflect on forever. THIS IS WHY I LOOOOVEE TAKING PICTURES! For the real moments in their lives that pass by oh too quickly.

The Tubergen's nail the cheesy 80's look! | cmckk photo Memphis Lifestyle Photographer
Classic cheesy pose in Canadian Tuxedos in Memphis, TN.

When Neile posted on Facebook that she was looking for a photographer to capture them in Canadian Tuxedos, I JUMPED at the opportunity. I’m always down for some fun sessions!


Neile and Aaron were on vacation when they went to a house that was filled with old portraits, and stumbled across the generic studio portraits from the 80’s that were just too ridiculous to be real, and came up with an amazing idea: They would take maternity and newborn photos in Canadian Tuxedos and gift them to their family for Christmas.


We showed up in my makeshift studio to make this idea a reality and I don’t think it could have gone any smoother. Neile and Aaron were fully prepped with outfits, shoes, hair, and all (even a bow for their little girl, Lee!)

We all researched the classic cheesy poses, and Aaron even had the idea of doing a heart on his belly! These two were all for trying anything I threw at them, and even baby Lee was a super model! She is the happiest baby (even though I took her pictures a day after getting her first shots)!

* small photo tip for newborns: have a mirror they can see themselves in held up behind the camera! It provides a reflector to keep their face lit, and as Neile says “babies love to look at themselves, they are so vain…”

And yes.. now I definitely want to be a part of their family cause these photo’s had to be THE GIFT of the year.


The Guyton Family is Thankful for MEMpops, Overton Park, & Perfect Fall Weather! | cmckk photo Memphis Lifestyle Photographer

THIS FAMILY IS THE CUTEST! I know I say that like every time, but forreal they were so sweet, fun, and caring! 

Family sits on a log in Overton Park in the fall.

I’ve gotten to work with Jill, Shawn, and their new baby girl - Kura, recently and I was so glad to meet the rest of the gang!  

Kelly, Mike, and their two kids- Asher and Everly, traveled to Memphis with Kay and TJ (the best grandparents ever) to celebrate Thanksgiving! 

We all met at Overton Park, and got to explore the magical woods there! Asher even found a “dinosaur egg” that he left in a special place to hatch!  

After the woodland adventure was through, it was time to have some fun in the perfect 65 degree fall weather with the best popsicles in Memphis- MEMpops! They chose to try the Strawberry and Chocolate Peppermint flavors, and I opted for Banana Nutella- and let me tell you, they were all soooooo delicious! 

Just look at how sweet they are together! In just the short amount of time I got to spend with them, I could tell they were so close, and cherished every single second they got to spend with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving, Guyton Family!