People are real, moments are real, emotions are real.

So lets be real.


Life is messy, awkward, fun, dramatic, and absolutely and completely real, so your photos should be too! Make some new memories, and get some images that will showcase them forever. Remember your wedding day in an storyboard of emotional and candid photos. Go on a cute little date captured in cinematic shots. Lounge around on the couch with your loved ones, and hang up those intimate, cherished moments on your wall.

You deserve pictures that capture the real you, and I am here to deliver!



Hey there! 

I’m Christina: a 25butlooksabout14years-old, awkward millennial, who fits the stigma of my generation by always taking “too-many pictures”.

I pride myself on being a versatile photographer, so I don’t claim to be focused on only one niche of photography, but am drawn to capturing candid, honest moments.

this is me:

self portrait movement photography cmckk photo memphis

some fun-facts about me:

  • I have two cats- Ollivander & Batman- and a dog- Nebraska Jones- all of whom I rescued and love more than anything else in the world! (and coincidentally are all black & white, so they match!)

  • I binge-watch way too much Netflix and have an on-going rotation of The Office, Parks & Rec, Friends, It’s Always Sunny, and 30 Rock.

  • Music is a driving force in my life, so please don’t be surprised when I bring my awesome playlist of a bazillion different genres out at your session.

  • I love puns and will laugh at any dad-joke.

  • I’m Harry Potter fanatic, and have won awards for my HP knowledge such as AR champion of the 3rd Grade, and first place at Trivia. (I’m a Ravenclaw, obviously…)

  • I’ve been with my partner, Matt (who is a musician), for 6.5 years and we’re probably the most married but not married couple you will ever meet.

  • I’m only 5’1, so if you’re tall be prepared for me to balance on crazy things to get the best shot of you!

  • I currently have 3 tattoos- two are song lyrics by the great Bon Iver and Manchester Orchestra, and the other one is a grouping of stars on my shoulder.

  • I choreographed and danced in Julien Baker’s “Appointments” music video!

Not local to Memphis, TN? That’s FINE!

check out my travel dates:

MAY 3-5: Chattanooga, TN

JUNE 28-30: Milwaukee, WI

OCTOBER TBD: Europe (Germany, Paris, London, & more!)

Contact me to see when I might be coming to a city near you!