Show Announcement / Plea for Help!

As a dance-artist and sort-of photographer, I've decided to create an informal concert and gallery of works all created by myself.

I'm a fresh graduate thrown out into the professional world, and haven't dedicated time to trying to discover myself as a creative. I am overcome with ideas, visions, and thoughts, and this concert/gallery is where they will get to all fall together. 

This event is to put myself "out there" (wherever that is) as an artist, and to develop work that will aid in my applications to graduate schools - as I aspire to get my master's in dance. 

This announcement is less for the show as it is a plea for help! I have plenty of time to prepare, but I know as hectic as my life and schedule are, other's have their crazy busy lives too, and the earlier we can plan the better I'll feel!

I'm in need of: 

  • dancers (available for live performance at the show)
  • dancers (available to schedule with me for a photographic series)
  • more dancers (available to learn choreography & film a screendance work)
  • anyone who is willing to help the day of with set-up, take-down, door, lights, sound, etc. 
  • anyone who knows anything about putting on shows and wants to give me advice. (:
  • anyone else who has grand ideas for how they can contribute to this project & just love me enough to volunteer whatever they can!

(I am willing to start photographic and screendance works ASAP, so if you'll be unavailable this summer, but are available before then - you can still help contribute to this project!)

If you are interested and want to contribute please contact me or fill out the form below!

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