Heather + Tyler's Unique Memphis Backyard Wedding

Heather and Tyler are a couple that you can glance at and see how strong their love is. If their wedding told me anything, it's that they are going to have a blast going through life together! 


Their whole wedding was put together by family and friends, in their relative's "backyard". (It was more of their entire property!) It was such an awesome and unique setting, complete with vintage cars, knick knacks, and even a fire-breathing dragon! 

The day was filled with cute gestures, love and support, and a surprise from each of them to the other! Heather got Tyler's mom to sing their first dance song without him knowing, and he surprised her with a song of his own! The night ended with a huge sparkler exit and time spent with their loved ones.

Check out their pictures and see how amazing their wedding was for yourself!