The Guyton Family is Thankful for MEMpops, Overton Park, & Perfect Fall Weather! | cmckk photo Memphis Lifestyle Photographer

THIS FAMILY IS THE CUTEST! I know I say that like every time, but forreal they were so sweet, fun, and caring! 

Family sits on a log in Overton Park in the fall.

I’ve gotten to work with Jill, Shawn, and their new baby girl - Kura, recently and I was so glad to meet the rest of the gang!  

Kelly, Mike, and their two kids- Asher and Everly, traveled to Memphis with Kay and TJ (the best grandparents ever) to celebrate Thanksgiving! 

We all met at Overton Park, and got to explore the magical woods there! Asher even found a “dinosaur egg” that he left in a special place to hatch!  

After the woodland adventure was through, it was time to have some fun in the perfect 65 degree fall weather with the best popsicles in Memphis- MEMpops! They chose to try the Strawberry and Chocolate Peppermint flavors, and I opted for Banana Nutella- and let me tell you, they were all soooooo delicious! 

Just look at how sweet they are together! In just the short amount of time I got to spend with them, I could tell they were so close, and cherished every single second they got to spend with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving, Guyton Family!