Liz & Jimi are straight out of an indie movie! | cmckk photo Memphis wedding photographer

When trying to decide where to take pictures in our beautifully unique city of Memphis, Liz and Jimi had a thousand ideas and I wish we could have done them all!  

 - we open on a coffee shop - 

We decided to start at Jimi’s awesome coffee shop near Broad Ave, Launch Process, cause it’s where these two spend a lot of their time. (Trust me, if you haven’t been here you need to visit- it has awesome coffee, tea, atmosphere, and even a little shop with Illuminati Bath & Bart!) If you want some music accompaniment for this scene, try playing “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg while you browse these! 

- cut to: Earnestine’s & Hazels - 

After getting some caffeine, we went into Earnestine and Hazels (an awesome downtown bar with the best burgers and the chance to maybe catch a ghost!) These two had some adorable comfortable moments lounging around the creaky rooms, dancing in small corridors, and doing their best Elvis impersonations. 

- the final scene: Arcade Restaurant -  

Jimi had mentioned Beale Street, and his love for neon, and we realized why would we need to travel when the historic Arcade Restaurant was right across the corner from Earnstine & Hazels? These give me so many Blue Valentine vibes, but with an edgier look and a happier ending!   

These two are coming soon to a theater near you! (Or maybe they’re one of those incredible, but hidden Netflix movies?)