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For those who don’t know me, I grew up in the local Memphis dance community. I took every style of dance I could, learning ballet, tap, jazz, (some) hip-hop, modern, and so on. Dance was something I felt finally allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn’t with words. I developed a love for choreography and teaching, so I could share my passion for creating with others, and hopefully inspire my students to find the creative side to themselves as well.

While in undergrad for dance, I took several photography classes, and developed most of my skills photographing live dance, portraits for dancers, and headshots for all kinds of talented people in the Department of Theatre and Dance.

I was also very involved in the DIY music scene, and attended countless number of house-shows, release parties, and small concerts where these new bands literally got paid NOTHING to perform.

It was always so exciting for me to give people these images of them in their element that they looooved! I swear nothing made me happier than when someone used my (probably very bad at the time) photo as their profile picture.

I’ve been struggling in how to get more of this back in my photo work, cause I miss some of those creatively driven shoots, and the enthusiasm and appreciation that artists have for their work! So, the other day (in the shower of course) I had a GENIUS idea.


I’m seriously slapping myself in the head for why I never thought of this before.

Why can’t I offer an hour-long session, for an affordable price, that includes professional head shots, some portraits of artist in their element, and some creative shots that showcase the artist’s personality?

In today’s creative world, it’s all about creating your “brand”, showing your personality, posting on social media, throwing content out into the world, and trust me when I say paying for good quality images is something that new artists (like myself) can’t afford.

So, I’ve decided to start offering these lower-priced sessions, along with special discounted packages on lifestyle or wedding photos for artists who create as their primary profession.

I want to give back to this art community that has built me up. I never would have become the photographer I am today without all these opportunities I was given by other creatives to bring my camera and capture some shots.

So if you’re an artist and need some material for self-promotion, some professional head shots for auditions and job applications, and want some images of you enjoying your passion, I’m here for you!

Goto: cmckkphoto.com/capture-your-art to learn more about booking an artist session, and follow my side ‘gram: instagram.com/cmckkphotoart to keep up with all these amazing, talented creatives that I get to photograph!