Cody & Rachael explore Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, TN | cmckk photo Memphis Wedding Photographer


I got to spend the last Saturday of 2018 with these two cuties exploring Crosstown Concourse!

- about Crosstown -

I’ll admit, I’m a bad Memphian cause I’ve only visited this reconstructed Sears factory during its early renovations when absolutely NOTHING was in there yet, and let me tell you that is going to change now!

This place is so cool- full of local places to eat, shops, art galleries, bars, reading nooks, theaters, a school, a health center, and more! Every floor was a new adventure and I had these guys as my guide!

- some memories -

  • Within about 5 minutes (or less), Cody already pulled out his best “blue steel” from Zoolander.

  • Rachael refers to Cody as a Praying Mantis, because his limbs are sooooooo long. Cody referred to himself as Skeletor, whom we later found out was JACKED….

  • Cody and Rachael both realllllly wanted to read the “P is for Potty” book we found…

  • We climbed about 5 flights of stairs just to reach a spot where we could get the disco ball in the background.

  • There are pinball machines next to the restrooms on the 2nd floor.

  • There are more restrooms with cool, glowing, red entrances near the art museum.

  • The people with dog head’s mural is pretty sick, and features a peep hole through the video camera, dogs performing jazzercise, jumping in a pool, and walking a dog with a human head.

  • The nail salon smells awesome, the shops are all adorable, and there are some cool wall planters at the end of the hallway.