Real Moments of 2018 | cmckk photo: Memphis Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Hey there, folks! And happy end-of-2018!

Most photographers I know publish a post of their “Best of the Year” photographs, and while I was approaching that idea, I decided to do something a little different. Obviously some of my “Best of” I’ve already posted, shared, put all over my site, and so you’ve already seen it all… So I decided to a post of the real moments of this past year.

I aim to capture honest, candid moments in my photography, and so here are some of my favorite real, true, & emotional images that I managed to create through my camera this past year!

Bride raising a glass at her Wedding Reception at the Dixon in Memphis, TN.

this bride at her reception:

Cheers to getting married! Seriously though, if you don’t feel like this during your wedding reception, you’re doing it wrong. She is so overjoyed at celebrating her love with all her family and friends, and enjoying her day to it’s fullest!

(shot for Dani Brewer Photography) 

newborn noises in-home session in Memphis, TN

OMG this happy baby though:

Sweet little baby Kura was only 8 days old in this picture, and it was the first glimpse of her eyes that I got! Just look at all those widdle wiggly fingers and toes!

Couple cuddles on their couch in their Midtown Memphis home.

so. many. comfy. couch. cuddles:

This couple in their Midtown Memphis home got their snuggle on! I love to just let lovebirds get real close, and just breathe together.

Family plays a game of swing the kids in overton park Memphis, TN.

kids love to swing!

But have you ever seen parents on this level where they swing TWO KIDS AT ONE TIME -while- STILL HOLDING ANOTHER ONE! They freaking nailed it!

Bride eases Groom’s nerves in their first look in Olive Branch, MS.

a first look to ease those pre-wedding nerves:

This couple had just gotten to see each other for the first time on their wedding day and let me tell you, he was just a litttttlllee nervous. But this beautiful bride knew exactly what to do and say to comfort him for the rest of the day. How precious!

Mother “shh” to newborn baby in Midtown Memphis, TN.

can you hear the “shhhhhhh”?

So this photo may be a little out of focus on the baby, but I swear that in that little bit of out-of-focusness I can hear this sweet new mama’s “shh” while comforting the sweet little girl, and it honestly makes me love this image even more.

Bride spends a moment singing to dog in Bartlett, TN.

just a bride and her dog.

Who doesn’t love a bride who takes a moment out of her special day to show the sweetest pup all her love and appreciation? She seriously is a real freaking princess.

Groomsman is getting pumped up for the wedding in Memphis TN

this groomsman ready to hit the dance floor:

Let me tell you this was 10 minutes after walking into the groomsmen getting ready at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and this guy was already NAILING his moves for later that night.

(shot for Dani Brewer Photography) 

emotional mother of the groom embracing son at wedding in Germantown, TN

emotional parent dances will always get to me:

But forreal, the dances with the parents is the time where my eyes get the most watery, ESPECIALLY when you can see all their pride and love seeping out, like in this shot.

Kids being kids in overton park Memphis, TN.

real cousin craziness:

This is one of those pictures that will be shown to these kids every year for the rest of their lives. “Oh! Look at this one! Remember when you were trying to cool your baby cousin off with a leaf, while your sister was trying to crawl all over the place and all we wanted was just one cute, smiling picture of you guys!”

Bride’s brother wipes tear during sunset backyard ceremony in Lakeland, TN.

this brother of the bride:

You guys! When I saw I got this shot I about screamed. This bride is just so gorgeous and at ease knowing she is finally marrying her love, and then look at her brother wiping his tear! I. just. can’t.

I’m so glad I got to spend these moments with all these amazing people, and be there to capture memories like these that they can look at and reflect on forever. THIS IS WHY I LOOOOVEE TAKING PICTURES! For the real moments in their lives that pass by oh too quickly.